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These e-learning materials have been designed to help learners explore the United Nations (UN) Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). In addition they will guide participants through using international data provided by the UK Data Service and provide learners with an increased understanding of the international data available and the potential of that data for use in their own research or teaching. The focus of the materials is international macro or aggregate data but does also briefly cover micro or cross-national survey data. The materials comprise four main sections:

  1. Guide to international data at the UK Data Service - provides a comprehensive overview of the international data available at the UK Data Service including the topics, time range, frequency and geographical coverage of the data provided.
  2. Guide to the MDGs - describes the background to the MDGs, the relationship between the goals, targets and indicators, identifies the data sources and how progress towards the goals is measured.
  3. Activities section - provides step-step activities enabling learners to, for example, search the international data via Discover or carry out a simple data visualisation. Some activities are available as e-Tutorials.
  4. Links and resources - contains links to relevant UN MDG related interfaces such as UN MDG Gapminder.

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